What's in my make-up bag: travelling

Hi everyone!

Recently I went to Milan for a weekend away and deciding what to take in my make-up bag was certainly a struggle especially because we were only taking hand luggage so I could only take the bare essentials but I thought I'd show you all what I took.

Firstly we'll start off with the cosmetic bag which I got from H&M the day before my holiday! The reason I got it was because it is huge which was perfect since I could add my toiletries to it as well and keep everything in the same place instead of having two separate bags.

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Moisturisers since I have very dry skin I had to make sure that I had a good selection while keeping in mind the 100ml per item limit on hand luggage , so here are my must have picks for travellers.

First is the Malin and Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturiser, which basically is just a great everyday basic moisturiser that makes it essential for travelling and on the go use.

Secondly is another from Malin and Goetz and its the Mojito Lip Balm which I am just absolutely in love with because it is a very thick product that moisturises your lips so well, and because I have very dry lips I've taken to using it every night before I go to bed which has gotten rid of my chapped lips completely!

And lastly for the moisturiser category is the Clinque Moisture surge extended thirst relief which with its thick and ultra moisturising consistency is great for those spots that need just an extra bit of tender loving care, I use it predominately on my nose and on my forehead.

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Brushes, although I went away and could only take a few things it's still important to have the right make-up brushes to hand so I only took three but they're definitely the most important three in my opinion.

They are the Real-techniques buffer brush and the Real-techniques contour brush, I also took a cheap flat eye-shadow brush that I got from boots a few years ago.

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Make-up, now for the part we're all here for the actual make-up.

I took my foundation of the moment which is Maxfactor Colour Adapt foundation which is a great medium coverage foundation that I use in the shade '45 warm almond'.

To cover up an darker spots or imperfections I took my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer which is a very thick full cover concealer that covers literally any imperfections seamlessly, I use this in the colour 'cool medium'.

For an extra subtle coverage under my eyes I use the No 7 Beautiful skin dark circle corrector which works well as a subtle concealer as well as adding a bit of moisture underneath my eyes as well.

For my mascara I just took my mascara of the moment which is the 5 in 1 wonderlash mascara by The One and I'll be honest that I'mm still on the fence about this mascara, the packaging is wonderful and looks like amazing quality but there's something about the mascara it self that I'm not too fond of, I just can't seem to put my finger on it.

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Colour, everyone's face needs a bit of colour but having limited space all I took was a mini eye shadow palette, a lip colour, a blusher and a bronzer.

For the eyeshadow I took my Bourjois Eye PEarls Quintet in the shade 62 which is a combination of purple which I just love, it has all the colours needed to create the perfect smokey eye without having to carry around a bunch of products.

For my blusher I currently use the Maxfactor creme blusher in shade light pink which gives my cheeks just a faint healthy glow and doesn't make it look overly make-uped.

For my bronzer I took my trusty Maybelline Dream Sun triple bronzering powder which I use as a light contour everyday and I just can't get enough of it!

And finally lastly I took my Clinique chubby stick which gives a nice natural tint to the lips without drying them out.

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