Ma'mitons, A fashion and charity fusion

As some of you may already know I am generally a huge fan of anything environmentally friendly, animal friendly, ethical or vegan so when I heard about the brand Ma’mitons, things got serious, I mean who doesn't want to buy a unique handbag and help out environmentally and ethically at the same time? But before I get all fangirly, here are a couple of things I personally love about Ma’mitons themselves:

Ma’mitons is a fashion company set up by Priscilla Njankou, their products are sustainable and environmentally friendly because they are made out of raffia leaves that come from the Palm trees that naturally grow in Cameroon. And if that doesn't get your ‘help out the planet’ tails wagging then this will, not only are they sustainable but they are each handmade in Cameroon which provides jobs and helps eliminate poverty in the area. They also donate a percentage of their profits to the SOS Childrens Village charity which is the worlds largest charity dedicated to orphaned children supporting over 500 villages in 133 countries!  

Not only are Ma'mitons a great brand for promoting ethical awareness but their products look amazing too. Here are two bags that I personally love,

The first for a hot summers day out, its big enough to carry all your summer essentials with you such as suntan lotion, water, sunglasses ect.

The second one is by far my favourite, I think it is just perfect for a summers girls night out, I can just imagine wearing it while on holiday in Spain and going to a nice beach side restaurant for some Sangria, I would style this with either a black or white outfit so that the bag itself is the focus of attention and that  pop of colour to your outfit! 

For example I love how Sharni Vinson (you may know her from Step-Up 3 and Blue Crush) styled this clutch bag, by wearing all black she's making sure that the bag itself is the centre of attention when it comes to this outfit!

As you can probably tell I am seriously just in love with this brand, not only for their amazingly unique bags but for everything they stand for as well, and as many of you know I'm from South Africa and I whole heartedly support any business (obviously a business with good intentions) that can be brought to Africa because it truly is a beautiful continent with amazing people and so much to offer!

If you want to get your hands on some of these bags (I know I seriously want that clutch) click here to go to their crowd funding page, they have an 'early bird' perk where if you donated $70 or £41.22 (the retail price for these bags are usually $109 or £64.19) you get to pick from the collection and receive your bag before anyone else! Now I just need to crowd fund for myself so I can actually own one of these amazing bags!


Vampy days: OOTD

I everyone just a short post today as I'm very busy working on a home project that I'm exited to post about next week so I thought I would just do a quite OOTD post for you all that I hope you enjoy!

Like most people I dress for how I'm feeling on that particular day and as the weather here in Suffolk has been quite horrible with constant cloudy skies and thunder showers I've been feeling a mixture sadness and a constant urge to binge watch The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings and so as Saturday brought another gloomy day I decided to go for a very 'vampy' day look that I thought I would share with you all!

Shirt- Topman
Lace Bralet- Topshop
Jeans- H&M
Shoes- Asos read more about them here  
Lipstick- Rimmel London 120 'Cutting Edge'

Hope the summer is treating you all better than it seems to be treating me!


'Daily' makeup Routine

For today's post I thought I would share with you all my 'daily makeup routine' however firstly I would like to take the 'daily' out of it since I don't actually wear makeup everyday, I probably only wear makeup about twice a week but lack of a better title I decided to stick with this one because if I were to wear makeup everyday this is the routine I would do.

Before any makeup
Firstly I wash my face with my Dr organic tea tree face wash,which featured in my June Favourites post which you can read here, since I have really oily skin I find that this removes all the oil from around my nose which helps my make up last a lot longer.

I ran out of my regular primer recently so since then I've been using the Balance 'Instant Effect Wrinkle Filler' to act as a base for my foundation as I find this also smooths over any pores and makes my makeup look smoother. For under and around my eyes I currently use the Dr Organic 'Virgin Coconut Oil Eye Perfect' which I have also been using before I go to bed at night which has done wonders for the dark circles under my eyes.

Wrinkle filler and Eye cream
For my foundation I'm currently using Rimmel London 'Match Perfect' in shade 100 Ivory, I first apply it with my Real Techniques liquid foundation brush and after I use my Real Techniques Buffing brush which blends my makeup really well and makes it look very natural. I then set my foundation with Rimmel London's Stay Matte powder in Transparent which helps keep my foundation on for longer and get's rid of any shininess for this I use my ModelsOwn powder brush.

Foundation by Rimmel london and Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Stay Matte Powder and powder brush
Next to give my cheek bones some definition I do a light contouring using Maybelline 'Dream Sun' triple bronzer for brunettes which gives a very natural colour I apply this using my Real Techniques contouring brush, if the lines are still too harsh I buff them out with my buffing brush. For a blush I'm currently using the pastel pink blush in the Barry M 'Glow' palette which give my cheeks a healthy rose flush without looking too obvious, and for under £10 the palette is really amazing if you want some natural colours but don't want to spend insane amounts on the Naked 3 palette.

Bronzer and Real Techniques Contour Brush
I also use the Barry M palette for my eyes and eyebrows, I start by using the matte beige colour all over my eye after I add the shimmer beige all over as well and then to finish the eyeshadow I add the pink shimmer in the inner corner of my eyes and in the middle to make them brighter. For my eyebrows I use the darkest brown to fill them in using my Modelsown lip brush I also put this colour on my bottom lashes using my Real Techniques detailer brush, I then use the white shadow as a highlight which I just apply underneath my eyebrows and over my nose.

Depending on the day and how much time I have I use the Colour X-pert liquid eyeliner from Max Factor which is the easiest liquid eyeliner I have ever used and I finish with Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

Rimmel Mascara and Maybelline Eyeliner
When I'm doing this as a night time look I'll use a Barry M lip pencil in a dark rose colour which for some reason does not have the shade named on it. How annoying.

Barry M lipliner
Now for the grand finale, or something like that,

After: Day time look 
After: Night time look
Where to buy!

Real Techniques Brushes buy here
Barry M 'Glow' Palette buy here
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation buy here
Dr Organic Eye Cream Buy here
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder buy here 
Maybelline Bronzer buy here 
Rimmel Mascara buy here 
Rimmel Nail Polish 'Too cool to tango' buy here