NYE Party Make-up

It's new years eve! And we all know that that means dressing your best and celebrating all you've accomplished over the past year be it physical accomplishments or emotional and spiritual revelations, so I thought I would do a little NYE party make-up tutorial with lots of shimmery gold and a statement lip!

To start make sure you have a clean base, a freshly washed face and some face cream to keep your face  nice and hydrated since you'll most likely be wearing this make up for quite a few hours.

Next I add my MaxFactor colour adapt foundation in 42 Warm Almond which I blend in with my Real Techniques Buffing brush, I then contour using my Real Techniques contouring brush and my Maybelline dream sun bronzer, next I add my MaxFactor Miracle Touch cream blush in 14 Soft Pink and buff it all out again using my Buffing brush.

Next I started on my eye area, I first filled in my eyebrows using the darkest brown on my Barry M Natural Glow Palette using a Models Own liner brush, next using a flat eyeshadow brush I covered my entire lid in MaxFactor 20 Golden Amazon, in the outer corner of my eye I added the silver from my Barry M Natural Glow palette and blended those two out with my Modles Own Blending brush. On the outer corners of my lid I added a small amount of MaxFactor colourXpert liquid eyeliner just to line the eye, I then finished with TheOne 5-in-1 wonder lash mascara.

To finish the look off I lined my lips with MaxFactor Colour Elixir Lip Liner in 10 Red Rush and then with MaxFactor Lipstick in 840 Cherry Kiss

I hope you all have an amazing New Years Eve and I will see you all in the new year where so many exciting things are about to happen over on my blog!

10.10.2014 Destination Wedding

Hello everyone!

I’ve been asked by the lovely people over at to design my own little bridal look for a destination wedding set in either Paris, Italy or Bora Bora and of course I leaped at the chance to be part of this! I picked Italy as my destination and I’m going to be honest, I am one of those girls who despite not even being close to engagement has already planned almost their entire wedding everything from my dress, colour scheme, flowers, location, hair and even centre pieces have been worked out in my head already, obsessed or prepared? Maybe a bit of both!

Why not find your own perfect dress here and plan your own perfect wedding on

This is the picture I was given to work off of for the Italy destination, when I saw it I immediately thought of something flowy, natural and lightweight since it seems quite hot but also something with lace as to compliment the hills and houses in the background of this picture. 

The dress I ended up picking was the 'Santina' by Watters specifically the colour on the first two pictures because they give off a more silver/purple sheen than the Ivory one, although the Ivory one is more traditionally coloured for a wedding dress I feel like the other was just so much more unique and memorable. I absolutely adore this dress, the back with the sheer material and the pearl buttons are to die for, and the deep V neckline with the lace over lay give it such an elegant and modern feel. 

Although I felt that the dress is absolutely beautiful, I still felt that it needed some sparkle to make it that tiny bit more special for a wedding dress. This belt went perfectly with the dress because the scalloped edges mimic the lace on the dress and the belt itself is quite slim so won't be over powering to the actual design.  

I'm a firm believer in having a statement shoe for your wedding day even if your dress covers them completely, it's your day and you deserve some nice shoes! These shoes are from Freya Rose and are absolutely beautiful, the reason I picked them was because of the flowers (which they conveniently sell as clip ons as well so if you don't want to pay that much for shoes you could always just buy the clip ons and cheaper shoes to go with them) which again like the belt mimic the lace which is important to keep constancy in your design. 

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Now I can't do anything for the old or borrowed but I can style this with a something blue, and what better way to do that than with some lovely dark blue sapphire earrings? 

Finally to finish with a beautiful pink Protea and wild flowers bouquet, the pink brings out the beautiful purple sheen in the dress as well as working well with the Italian climate (it's the bouquet I actually want for my eventual wedding so I just had to throw it in since it's so beautiful). The wildness of this bouquet also works well with the bohemian aspect of the dress and the loose curly hair which makes the whole outfit more summery and laid back.


Remember to head over to and find your own perfect wedding dress here!  

I hope you all enjoyed this post, it's definitely something different to what I usually do but I enjoyed it so much and kind of wish I was getting married now so I could plan a wedding! I want to thank for asking me to write this and I hope you all have a great weekend! xo 


Autumn Wish List 2014

Hello everyone!

As most of you in this part of the world know it’s Autumn time again , and although I am incredibly sad that summer is over, I am quite excited to get some new Autumn/ Winter pieces for this year especially as this Autumn is predicted to be a pretty hot one (hence why my list is not yet filled with tartan and knits, stick around for my Winter wishlist for that!) So in that spirit I thought I would start a new mini post series where I post my must haves / wish list for that season, I hope you all enjoy it. 
  • The coat, New Look £40 : When I was on the train last year I saw a girl wearing a coat similar to this but in camel brown and since then I’ve been searching for one high and low, now there are so many different styles and brands I just cant pick! However I do love this one the most, I love the grey colour and the to the side closure is by far more attractive to me than buttons, I might get it in the grey and camel brown just well because why not. Buy yours here.
  • The boots, Zara £80: The over the knee boot trend is so popular right now and although I do absolutely love it, I think I love these knee high boots just that tiny bit more and think that they would look great with a skirt and some chunky over the knee socks to give it a really cosy feel. Buy them here.
  • The watch, Asos £75: I have never bought a watch, I've never seen the need for one and lets be honest I would be too lazy to put it on everyday, but I saw this watch while browsing Asos and knew I needed it! I love the grey (which would go perfect with the coat) and the light gold gives it a touch of warmth needed for Autumn. Buy it here.
  • The cardigan, Joules £50: For Autumn I am really loving the mustard yellow colour this year, it reminds me of the colour the leaves go just before they fall and it also brings a much needed warmth to an outfit! I think this cardigan would look great layered under the grey coat or even under a leather jacket. Buy it here.
  • The shirt, Topshop £18: It might just be a plain white shirt and although I was so happy when I left school and no longer had to wear one, I do feel like they're something that everyone should have in their wardrobe because they go with absolutely anything and instantly makes an outfit look effortlessly chic. Buy yours here.
And there you have it, my little Autumn wish list which lets face it is becoming more extensive as I write this and scroll through even more clothing websites, but these are definitely the core items I need for this Autumn and you can find all my wants and wishes on my Wantfeed account which is listed in my side bar, also make yourself an account so I can follow you and see what you're all loving! Stay tuned for my Winter wish list and let me know in the comments what you're craving for this Autumn.

Have a great weekend xo


2nd anniversary outfit of the night: OOTN

Hello everyone! 

On the 30th of August I had the pleasure of celebrating my two year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend Andrew and so I thought I would share with you all what I wore out to dinner that night, which by the way was absolutely delicious so if you haven’t been to a Cote restaurant yet be sure to make your way there right now!

Since the weather here hasn't been the best lately (in other words it’s just gone back to normal English weather) I opted for a long sleeve dress that has a really thick winter material since I bought it in winter last year, some black heels to add a nice date night feel and a leather jacket to add a bit of edge to the outfit.

For accessories I wore my staple onyx ring, Swarovski crystal earrings and my lovely Swarovski necklace that I got from Andrew on our first anniversary last year.

I did my usual make-up routine (which you can find here here) using my Barry M natural glow palette but used the pink eye-shadow in the inner corner of my eyes and the grey eye-shadow on the outside to create a smoky eye effect, I also added liquid eye-liner for a more dramatic look, please excuse my shoddy eye-liner attempt, on my nails I am wearing Maybelline 301 Love This Sweater which is just so beautiful and just gets better everyday.

For my hair I just made a simple messy bun to show off my undercut which adds to the edginess of this look, to finish I put on my favourite perfume which is Hugo Boss Orange.

Dress H&M - buy similar here
Shoes New Look- Buy similar here
Earrings Swarovski- Buy similar here 
Nail Polish- Buy here 
Perfume Hugo Boss- buy here  
I had an amazing night and a wonderful two years, although sometimes its been difficult with it often being long distance but it's all been worth it. 

Also little shout out to one of my best friends in the entire world, Ray, who along with her beautiful sister Donna have just started a blog about living in the wonderful city of Cape Town, so if you've ever wondered what it's like living in a South African city or if you're from there yourself please check it out here, you wont be disappointed!


July Favourites

Hello lovely readers and welcome back to another monthly favourites post, for those of you who don't know at the end of every month I do a monthly favourites where I show you five things that I could not get enough of for the last month. This month's post is completely fashion related whereas last month it was very much a mix of everything, so if you want you can read my June Favourites post here , otherwise lets just dive right in.

Firstly is my denim skirt from Asos, I have been looking for a denim skirt for so long but all that I could find were ones with fake rips etc and I wasn't really into that so I waited and waited till finally Asos came to my rescue with this lovely one which I got in a sale for only £12!! Although Asos have started charging £3 delivery for things under £15 which makes me really sad because free delivery was one thing I really loved about them, but oh well. Unfortunatly they don't have this skirt in stock anymore but you can buy a similar one here.

Next are some lovely earrings that I got from Accessorize a while ago which has featured in some of my previous outfit of the day posts, but this past month I've really fallen in love with them again, I've never really been into round dangly earrings before but I thought I'd give these a go since I can't really wear studs because I use to have my ears stretched to 10mm and the holes haven't completely closed down but these don't make it too obvious, I really like wearing them with my hair up in a ponytail or bun. They don't seem to have them online but I'm not sure if they have them in store, it might be worth just popping in and having a look anyway!

Like the earrings this next one isn't actually new, I've had these Converse's for about 5 years now and they were actually my brothers to start off with (until his feet got too big) but this past month I've just really fallen in love with them again especially just pairing them with some skinny jeans for a comfortable day, I really love that they're so old battered and distressed, I think it shows they have character. Buy your own to scruff up here.

Next is my first purchase I have ever made from Romwe and although the delivery is free it does take forever so if you are impatient as I am I would suggest paying a bit extra for delivery but otherwise I was very happy with the service and seriously love the dress I got from there, although the picture I took definitely doesn't do it justice! It's completely sheer and so light weight that I've been wearing it on the days where it's still nice and warm but it's a bit too cloudy for a short dress, it's the perfect in between dress and I just absolutely love it! Buy it here.

Last but not least is this lovely lace bralet that I got from Topshop on an whim, I actually went to check out the sale and left with something that wasn't even in the sale which is just typical of me, I've recently worn this in an outfit of the day post which you can check out here but unfortunately Topshop don't seem to stock it online but it is definitely still in store if you want one for yourself! 


Ma'mitons, A fashion and charity fusion

As some of you may already know I am generally a huge fan of anything environmentally friendly, animal friendly, ethical or vegan so when I heard about the brand Ma’mitons, things got serious, I mean who doesn't want to buy a unique handbag and help out environmentally and ethically at the same time? But before I get all fangirly, here are a couple of things I personally love about Ma’mitons themselves:

Ma’mitons is a fashion company set up by Priscilla Njankou, their products are sustainable and environmentally friendly because they are made out of raffia leaves that come from the Palm trees that naturally grow in Cameroon. And if that doesn't get your ‘help out the planet’ tails wagging then this will, not only are they sustainable but they are each handmade in Cameroon which provides jobs and helps eliminate poverty in the area. They also donate a percentage of their profits to the SOS Childrens Village charity which is the worlds largest charity dedicated to orphaned children supporting over 500 villages in 133 countries!  

Not only are Ma'mitons a great brand for promoting ethical awareness but their products look amazing too. Here are two bags that I personally love,

The first for a hot summers day out, its big enough to carry all your summer essentials with you such as suntan lotion, water, sunglasses ect.

The second one is by far my favourite, I think it is just perfect for a summers girls night out, I can just imagine wearing it while on holiday in Spain and going to a nice beach side restaurant for some Sangria, I would style this with either a black or white outfit so that the bag itself is the focus of attention and that  pop of colour to your outfit! 

For example I love how Sharni Vinson (you may know her from Step-Up 3 and Blue Crush) styled this clutch bag, by wearing all black she's making sure that the bag itself is the centre of attention when it comes to this outfit!

As you can probably tell I am seriously just in love with this brand, not only for their amazingly unique bags but for everything they stand for as well, and as many of you know I'm from South Africa and I whole heartedly support any business (obviously a business with good intentions) that can be brought to Africa because it truly is a beautiful continent with amazing people and so much to offer!

If you want to get your hands on some of these bags (I know I seriously want that clutch) click here to go to their crowd funding page, they have an 'early bird' perk where if you donated $70 or £41.22 (the retail price for these bags are usually $109 or £64.19) you get to pick from the collection and receive your bag before anyone else! Now I just need to crowd fund for myself so I can actually own one of these amazing bags!