On: Being Yourself

The online world has provided us all with both a window into our lives but also a shield from our true selves, we create our own fanciful lives through social media, just enough of a window to publicize all the good from our days but also enough to shield from what makes us truly ourselves.

My blog isn't exactly a true interpretation of who I am, yes all the ideas are mine and all of the writing is of my own views and opinions, but I have been so clouded by what 'it is to be a blogger' by the actual success story bloggers that I've tried to mould myself into what I'm not, like forcing a sealion into a dog costume, seems legit at a quick glance but we all know something's not quite right. The reason I took so long to come back to my blog was because I fell out of love with it, I fell out of love with this persona that I had created, I grew tired of writing in a style that was not my own and writing posts that I didn't necessarily want to write simply because they were the popular posts on other more successful blogs.

Now I'm not saying that you must be completely transparent when it comes to your life and social media, over sharing is definitely still a thing, its completely understandable if you're not comfortable posting anything when you're not having a great day but its important to post things that are true to yourself and your opinions, don't endorse things you don't believe in for the gratification of others, if you don't drink alcohol then don't feel the need to post a picture of a glass of champagne on a Sunday morning, people won't think less of you for being honest about yourself.

My promise to myself from now is to be more open to who I truly am on social media, so this is my little summery that has never truly come through on anything I've posted, both on here and on Instagram (the only form of social media that I use) ;

  • I swear a fuck ton, I'm not even joking, I swear more than your average girl and it is an absolute constant in my vocabulary.
  • I'm sarcastic in every situation I can be.
  • If I could, I would spend every single day in bed and not move a muscle except for snacking and changing the channel.
  • Children scare me, I don't know how to behave around them and quite frankly they make me very uncomfortable.
  • I have no idea what I'm doing with my life, and that's okay. 


Valentine's day makeup

Valentine's day.

The day that sparks fear into every man's heart, (along with anniversaries, birthdays and any other general throw up in a bucket romantic days), although I don't and never will celebrate it, there's always this little feeling as it approaches that maybe I should? Don't worry, I most definitely wont be, but that doesn't mean I cant do make up inspired by it, right?

This year decided to go for a very soft pink look that's easy to wear for the daytime or the evening depending on what suits you best, I also wear this to work very often so its quite versatile, let me know what you think in the comments section and all key products to recreate this look will be linked in the bottom!

Revlon Bronzilla bronzer in shade 012 buy it here
Max Factor Puff Blush in the shade 15 seductive pink find it here
Urban Decay Naked 3 pallet, shades used are Dust in the inner corner, Buzz on the lid and Darkside and Blackheart as the shading buy it here
And to finish I used Maybelline Superstay lipstick in the shade Rose Dust Find it here